Solutions: Food Services

SensoScientific is the most advance wireless temperature monitoring system available on the market for the chain or stand alone restaurant, school, C-store or Grocery store markets.

SensoScientific is the only system that offers a solution that does not require a server or software. From 1 location to 100,000 locations we have the solution! No servers or software required—true plug and play.

Each year there are thousands of stores that lose valuable inventory or fall victim to FDA or local health department investigations due to an inefficient or complete lack of a temperature monitoring system. The environmental condition of food products must be carefully monitored and documented during storage to ensure safety, quality and longer shelf life. This is especially crucial for highly perishable products such as dairy, meat, poultry and fish. Refrigerated foods should be kept at 41°F (5°C) or lower to inhibit bacterial growth. Frozen products should be kept at 0°F (-18°C).

Learn how easy it is to save your food products and money with the SensoScientific wireless temperature monitoring solution for foodservice establishments.

Reduce or Eliminate:

Our products will reduce or eliminate product loss due to power failure, human error or mechanical problems for a lower total cost of ownership than other market solutions. Avoid shrinkage and spoilage with the SensoScientific system, which allows for instant monitoring of freezer and fridge temperature fluctuations that can put Inventory at risk.

Solutions - Food Services