Why Choose SensoScientific?

SensoScientific is the most advanced temperature monitoring and sensing solution available. If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should choose SensoScientific:

No Software, No Hosting, and No Server!

A simple, effective wireless monitoring system

Our SensoScientific wireless sensors integrate easily with our 900 Mhz wireless receivers OR any standard WiFi 802.11 Access Point. Access and receive important data from any mobile or internet ready device!

The SensoScientific wireless temperature monitoring system is a breeze to set up!

Advance Reporting for Temperature charts & tables for any time period, records of all Alerts and Corrective Action history and performance report.
SensoScientific Performance Report SensoScientific Humidity Graph

Temperature charts and tables for any time period. Click to view full results as a PDF!

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