Calibration for Any Brand of Temperature Sensor–Wired or Wireless

Two men on SensoScientific’s technician team checking calibration on a device

Calibration for Any Brand of Temperature Sensor–Wired or Wireless

Our on-site calibration services are quick, efficient, worry-free, and personalized to you and your company. We believe that convenience is what our technology is all about and are determined to make sure that everyone stays focused on their work without having to worry about any technical problems. It’s why we provide device diagnostics, on-the-spot NIST Traceable Certificates, and more. We also take pride in our 24/7 CareFree+ services, which means we take care of our products before any problems occur.

Superior Calibration Right at Your Doorstep

Meet calibration compliance without lifting a finger. The SensoCal On-Site Calibration Service automates meeting compliance with the help of SensoScientific’s leading Technical Support Team. Our Technicians are highly trained in all aspects of our systems, so you know your devices will stay running at their best.

Calibration Process Overview

The calibration process itself follows six simple steps from beginning to end. These six steps are all it takes to make sure your temperature sensors are set up and ready to use. Calibration compliance shouldn’t be a headache. Our team cares about prioritizing you and your time while also providing you with the best temperature sensor calibration.

Survey Calibration Requirements

We look at your needs and calibrate accordingly.

Technicians Go On-Site

Our team goes straight to your doorstep.

Calibrate Sensors

Sensors are calibrated in their use-case environment.

Provide Data & Results

We give you information about your storage unit with recommendations.

Create Calibration Certificates

Calibration certificates are created in the moment.

Digital Certificates

Certificates are immediately available on the SensoScientific Cloud.

Detailed View of Each Calibration Step

  1. The first step of the temperature sensor calibration process is to survey the products you own and make sure we understand your needs. Before we can begin the calibration process, we need as much information from you as possible to guarantee your satisfaction.
  2. The second step is for our technicians to go on-site, without you having to do a thing. Just sit tight and let us come to you! 
  3. The third step is for our technicians to actually calibrate the sensors in their use-case environment. This is a crucial step for determining the accuracy and calibration of the temperature sensor to your specificity. 
  4. The fourth step is when we provide you with the results. Not only do these results include our recommendations, but we’ll also explain to you why they might be necessary. In addition, we’ll give you information about your storage unit that will continue to help you along the way. Our on-site calibration services are a great opportunity to teach you about the technology on-site and how it should be used and preserved.
  5. The fifth step is creating calibration certificates. The process takes no time at all and is done on-site, so you can get back to work. The certificate shows that calibration for your temperature sensors has been completed and that they are ready for immediate use.
  6. In the sixth and final step, we send a digital form of this certificate to the SensoScientific Cloud, where they are immediately available for your records and can be viewed at any time.

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Get On-Site Calibration Services from Our Compliance Automation Experts

Our temperature sensors monitor environmental conditions with extremely accurate calibration to help healthcare facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, IDNs, universities, and restaurants across the U.S. meet rigorous compliance regulation standards.

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Our 24/7 CareFree+ customer service team is always ready to make your lives easier. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 800-279-3101, by email at, or fill out our “Request a Quote” form. Let us worry about the technical side, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your temperature sensors are always providing the most accurate results.

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