Ultimate Product Care Protection & Peace of Mind

Ultimate Product Care Protection and Peace of Mind

While our technology can make your lives easier and more convenient, modern technology requires constant upkeep to make sure it stays working at its best. That’s where the SensoScientific CareFree+ support team comes in. We are here to do the little things for you, and make sure you can focus on what actually matters: your team and your clients. Let us work for you and make your job a little easier.

The CareFree+ support team is an essential part of the SensoScientific brand. Since 2005, we haven’t just been at the forefront of innovation with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and environmental monitoring, we’ve also been preserving them as well. We don’t just want our technology to not make an impact in your life today, but to last for many years to come. Technology is only as strong as its durability and we stand by technology that can bear the test of time. Our CareFree+ support team keeps your technology registered and guarantees that it will always be updated.

Another plus is that the SensoScientific Support team is here to help regardless of what time of day it is. For you, this not only guarantees peace of mind but also means you never have to worry about quality control. Our team will come in for annual SensoCal OnSite Calibration services to calibrate any brand of the sensor, regardless of whether it is wired or wireless. Our calibration services are about optimization and modernization, making sure everything is up to date. Let us be the ones to worry about when your technology needs updating, while you focus on the more important tasks for your industry.

CareFree+ Benefits

The SensoScientific CareFree+ support membership provides other benefits ranging from assisting you and your team in learning how to use our products, annual calibration services, battery replacements, extended warranty, and more. 

Our training courses vary from a huge video library that your employees can access to on-site training. These training courses give you the freedom to learn at your own pace while still making sure that you can prioritize your work. We also offer annual on-site equipment repairs, yearly setups, and extended warranties to our CareFree+ members to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

Annual On-Site Calibration

Replace all probes with NIST traceable and ISO/IEC 17025 compliant units.

Battery Replacements

Free battery replacements for devices with low battery.

Health Checks

On-demand health checks to ensure devices are optimally performing.

On-Site Spares

Additional nodes will be left on-site for immediate replacement.


Annual virtual and on-site training for users and administrators.

Extended Warranty

Extended device warranty while a CareFree+ member.

Annual On-site Equipment Care

Optimal device installation and setup during yearly onsite visit.

Firmware Upgrades

Upgrade firmware to ensure all devices are up-to-date.

Equipment Replacements

Proactively replace devices that are aged or damaged.

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Get Support from SensoScientific’s Compliance Automation Experts

All the benefits of CareFree+ help make meeting compliance easy for your organization. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions about installation, calibration, and more. Ensure that your healthcare facility, laboratory, pharmacy, IDN, university, or restaurant passes regulation audits seamlessly.

A2LA Accredited & NIST Traceable Calibration

Enterprise Scalability

Government-Grade Security

Products Engineered to Exceed Compliance

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Validated Cloud

Expert Technical Support

Reach Out to Our Team Today

Our SensoScientific Support team is how we extend our hand to you. We make sure that you are not only satisfied but that you are using our products to their fullest capacity. Our technology is there to make your job easier and CareFree+ support guarantees that this is the case. If you are interested in a quote, or simply have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-279-3101 or email us at salesinfo@sensoscientific.com.

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