Calibrate Any Brand of Sensor: Wired or Wireless

On-site Calibration Service

Calibrate Any Brand of Sensor: Wired or Wireless

SensoScientific’s On-site Calibration Service is the next level of personalized calibration. With this service, our ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Calibration Technicians go straight to your doorstep to recalibrate probes, perform device diagnostics, and prepare on-the-spot NIST Traceable Certificates for immediate use. Normally, calibration is performed in simulated environments which are intended to match the use-case of the product. SensoCal removes this barrier by directly calibrating any brand of sensors in its use-case condition.

High accuracy NIST Traceable reference standards are used to measure the temperature and humidity of the sensor’s environment. SensoScientific technicians offer personalized calibration of your sensor in addition to experienced consultation in optimizing sensor measurement. With this service, system-wide validation is made easy and affordable.

Superior Calibration Right to Your Doorstep

Meet calibration compliance without lifting a finger. The SensoCal On-Site Calibration Service does all the work and automates meeting compliance with SensoScientific’s leading Technical Support Team.

Calibration Process

The SensoCal On-Site Calibration Service makes meeting calibration easier than ever.

Survey Calibration Requirements

We look at your needs and calibrate accordingly.

Technicians Go On-Site

Our team goes straight to your doorstep.

Calibrate Sensors

Sensors are calibrated in their use-case environment.

Provide Data & Results

We give you information about your storage unit with recommendations.

Create Calibration Certificates

Calibration certificates are created in the moment.

Digital Certificates

Certificates are immediately available on the SensoScientific Cloud.

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Make meeting compliance the easiest part of your day. Our environmental monitoring system meets even the strictest of regulatory requirements for prestigious healthcare facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, IDNs, universities, and restaurants across the U.S. From product development to installation and support, SensoScientific is an end-to-end solution that automates meeting compliance.

A2LA Accredited & NIST Traceable Calibration

Enterprise Scalability

Government-Grade Security

Products Engineered to Exceed Compliance

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Validated Cloud

Expert Technical Support

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