Store Everything in the Validated Cloud so Your Data Moves with You

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Store Everything in the Validated Cloud so Your Data Moves with You

In partnership with the Microsoft® Azure cloud platform, SensoScientific utilizes bank-grade security to provide you with unparalleled reliability. We know that keeping your data safe is the most important aspect of your business, which is why we offer strong cloud protection to prevent data leakage and confidentiality breaches. As an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (ERES) validated cloud application, all data is time-stamped for full audit transparency.

The SensoScientific Cloud allows you to document corrective actions, view data records, generate reports, access calibration certificates, configure node settings, and more. This cloud-based data management system is a cost-effective solution for your organization with robust security, scalability, fast disaster recovery, easy integration, and 24/7 access. Your data will move with you. Whether you are at home, at the office, or on the road, you can access it whenever you want.

Why Choose the SensoScientific Cloud?

The SensoScientific Cloud is the gateway to passing your next audit. With automated cloud data protection, access to every report you need, remote configuration, and a wide range of other features, we ensure you meet regulatory compliance with strict industry standards at every audit.

24/7 Alert Notifications

Receive custom alerts the moment excursions happen.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access every report you need to meet compliance.

Unlimited Secure Data

The cloud stores unlimited data so you never miss a reading.

Digital Calibration Certificates

View current and archived calibration certificates.

Remote Node Configuration

Establish node settings from your desk without needing to touch the hardware.

Expert Technical Support

Contact the SensoScientific Technical Support Team for troubleshooting assistance.

Immediate Alert Notifications With Cloud-Based Data Management

You can customize data notification preferences throughout our cloud system to work with your level of protection and convenience. Once set up, you will receive real-time alerts the minute any readings fall outside your desired range. For sensitive materials, this prevents thousands of dollars in asset loss. You will be notified via one of the following ways and can access your sensitive data wherever you are.







Digital Calibration Certificates

Digital Calibration Certificates

With cloud data protection in place, SensoScientific automatically uploads Certificates of Calibration to the validated cloud for immediate use. The cloud stores PDF files of calibration certificates and provides notifications of calibration due dates. Once a certificate expires, it remains accessible in the account’s calibration history archive. The Joint Commission, CDC, and CMS can access current and archived certificates for full audit traceability. All of these features help automate compliance to make your next audit go as smoothly as possible.

calibration services for digital data loggers

Enterprise Smart Cloud Technologies

The SensoScientific Cloud includes features that ensure seamless compliance automation. Here are some of the features of this cloud-based management system that facilitate adherence to regulations and free up your time to focus more on your services.

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Learn how SensoScientific’s leading cloud platform application can help your facility meet compliance with ease. Our compliance automation experts are available around-the-clock to answer all your questions about our cloud data protection services and provide technical support. Request a demo with our team today.

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