Food Service Temperature Monitoring Systems for Schools Keeps Kids Safe

Food safety temperature monitoring probe

Food Service Temperature Monitoring Systems for Schools Keeps Kids Safe

Food service operations within school systems operate under a strict set of HACCP temperature monitoring guidelines. The goal of the HACCP is to ensure an effective school nutrition program paired with food safety. Food safety temperature monitors for schools are a simple effort in making sure campus environments have a food-safe storage plan. Many staff hours are dedicated to routinely checking food inventory for expiration dates, allergens, and cross-contamination. Unfortunately, temperature-induced spoilage occurs much more than expected.

With wireless food service temperature monitoring systems, your organization can uphold HACCP temperature guidelines for food products throughout the school district. Wireless sensors document temperatures for you and upload data to the cloud, eliminating potential human error in record documentation. Remote monitoring solutions even allow you to receive alerts via real-time text messages sent to cell phones anytime temperature data falls outside range. Food safety temperature monitors are a cost-effective, practical solution for food programs to keep kids safe.

The SensoScientific Difference

Simple, accurate, and reliable food service temperature monitoring system to simplify meeting compliance.

Real-Time Pass/Fail Visibility

The Senso HACCP App shows you when temperatures fall outside compliance standards, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Customizable Menus & Checklists

Our system lets you create customizable menus that can be tailored to your cafeteria’s cuisine. You can build checklists to document completed tasks, like cleaning restrooms.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can generate HACCP reports directly from the app and send them to your email for automated compliance with food safety protocols.

Intuitive App & Cloud-Based Data Access

All your records are stored on the SensoScientific Cloud (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validated). They are accessible via any internet-ready device.

The Most Cost-Effective Wireless Monitoring System

SensoScientific’s food service temperature monitoring system is programmed to send emergency alerts the moment it detects a temperature variance. From handheld wireless temperature probes to cold storage nodes, our food safety management system automates meeting HACCP compliance for you.

  • Documented Corrective Actions
  • Immediate Pass/Fail Detection
  • Push-Button Simplicity
  • Reheat/Rechill Reminders
  • A2LA & NIST Calibration Certificates
  • Immediate Alert Notifications
  • Handheld & Cold Storage Solutions
  • Custom Menus & Checklists
  • Real-Time Temperature Readings
  • iOS & Android™ Compatible
  • Easy and Intuitive Interface
  • Longest Warranty in the Market

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Compliance Automation Enabled by IoT Technology

Meeting compliance is a breeze with SensoScientific. Our food service temperature monitoring system for K-12 cafeterias helps you meet the strictest of regulatory requirements. Our clients also include restaurants, universities, prestigious healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories across the U.S. From product development to installation and continuous technical support, our end-to-end solutions include everything you need to automate meeting compliance. Request a quote for your facility today and start a free trial.

A2LA Accredited & NIST Traceable Calibration

Enterprise Scalability

Government-Grade Security

Products Engineered to Exceed Compliance

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