Mapping Validation Protects Your Bottom Line

We follow a few important steps to make sure the process of warehouse temperature mapping is efficient, effective, and knowledgeable. Additionally, you are able to access and use any data we find for future reference.

Meet Compliance With Ease

SensoScientific’s mapping validation includes IQ OQ PQ validation and meets GxP, WHO, and USP compliance standards

Maintain Medication Potency

Stop throwing away expensive inventory and know exactly when and where your medications risk potency loss.

Storage Space Confidence

Know where temperature fluctuations occur throughout your storage space and how to resolve inconsistencies.

Warehouse and Chamber Temperature Mapping

temperature mapping validation

Warehouse and Chamber Temperature Mapping

Temperature variation can occur in many different locations, even in small refrigerators or freezers. Environmental fluctuations become more prominent and require more consideration when storing temperature and humidity-sensitive materials in large spaces. Warehouses, cold rooms, chambers, and storage facilities should undergo regular Temperature Mapping Validation to record and document inconsistencies in environmental conditions throughout varying points within the location. 

For many facilities, Mapping Validation is a requirement to meet regulatory compliance, but it also protects your bottom line by preventing inventory loss and, in some cases, potency loss. We also look at the stratification of the air, errors in the heating/chilling system, power outages, and even the effects if a door is opened or closed. This gives you a wide variety of data to see what should be done and how to guarantee your assets are protected.
SensoScientific’s industry-leading expertise in environmental monitoring, compliance automation, and mapping validation ensures all variables are considered and accounted for so you meet compliance with ease. Our temperature mapping services are fast, efficient, and will help you and your team in the long run. From freezers to giant warehouses, it’s always necessary to map out your storage unit to guarantee the safety of your assets. Regardless of how big or how small your storage unit is, we are here to help. The SensoScientific Technical Support Team is always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding temperature mapping with your monitoring system.

How Our Temperature Mapping Services Work

The SensoScientific Technical Support Team’s leading mapping validation service surpasses compliance requirements and adapts to your facility’s needs.

Mapping Validation Process

  1. During the evaluation stage of the Mapping Validation process, the SensoScientific Technical Support Team will go over the necessary temperature mapping that needs to be implemented within the designated space. Then, our team will create a location-specific map that grids the area in three dimensions. This in-depth process makes our services time-intensive and hyper-personalized. Mapping Validation strategies are curated using industry-leading best practices and can be customized to your facility’s needs. Considerations include:
    • Compliance regulations
    • Preparing necessary documentation
    • Number of nodes needed and their respective placement
    • Optimal sample rate
    • Necessary node configuration
    • Time needed to collect data
    • Facility-specific considerations and requests
  2. After the SensoScientific Technical Support Team has evaluated the temperature mapping needs of your facility or warehouse, we go onsite to optimally test and install fleets of nodes throughout the location at the predetermined points from Step 1. The SensoScientific Technical Support Team is also IQ OQ PQ compliant to ensure seamless integration and functionality of the Mapping Validation process.

  3. When testing and implementation services are complete, SensoScientific delivers full documentation detailing all temperature fluctuations across the mapped location. This includes proper IQ OQ PQ validation which assures that you can pass the next audit. At this point, you can see exactly where you are losing money and make necessary corrective actions to improve temperature distribution. By investing in SensoScientific’s continuous environmental monitoring system, you can maintain quality standards and best practices all year long.

  4. SensoScientific Wi-Fi data loggers are a plug-and-play enterprise solution. Devices are embedded with OTA technology, enabling ultimate scalability to grow with your business. Through the SensoScientific validated cloud, you can receive immediate alert notifications 24/7 the moment readings go out of range. Never lose inventory again. Contact us for a quote!

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