Protect Your Data with Cloud-Based Failover and Disaster Recovery

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Protect Your Data with Cloud-Based Failover and Disaster Recovery

Safeguarding business operations with a fallout disaster recovery plan is essential. Stakeholders find the investment highly cost-effective, especially considering the alternative. We have learned that even the boldest innovations in computing can become crippled due to system failures and security breaches. Your sensitive and private company data will not be compromised at SensoScientific. Our cloud-based protection will ensure you meet compliance. 

The high possibility of data loss makes a cloud recovery solution beneficial for just about any business type. A virtual computing system works to protect consumers from critical information leaks. This is important because when an unplanned system failure occurs, the primary system or computing hub becomes even more vulnerable to data loss or a security breach.

Working through a disaster recovery plan utilizing Microsoft’s Azure VM system prevents data loss and begins failover and failback efforts straight away. It helps get businesses reorganized and features a specific BCDR (business continuity data recovery plan) unique to your needs. A BCDR summarizes the strategic steps to maintain operational integrity in the event of a disaster. Once the original system is back in normal working condition at the primary site, the BCDR plan can continue.

Stakeholders understand the value of cloud-based data protection. Prevention via the Azure VM methodology is a viable avenue to keep businesses operational without risking data loss.

The SensoScientific Validated Cloud Provides Ultimate Data Protection

SensoScientific’s partnership with the Microsoft Azure® cloud platform ensures your data receives ultimate protection.

Store Unlimited Data

The SensoScientific Cloud stores unlimited data and archives all data records throughout your partnership with us — and beyond.

Protect Data with Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery protects your bottom line by ensuring your compliance-sensitive data remains accessible.

Future-Proof Your BCDR

Make sure your organization upholds your Business Continuity Data Recovery Plan and maintains operational integrity.

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