Discover SensoScientific’s Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Discover SensoScientific’s Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Your wireless data logger means the difference between being able to make adjustments to your environment and experiencing damage as a result of undetected fluctuations in environmental factors. Let’s take a closer look at what defines the SensoScientific sensor experience. 

  • Sub-1 GHz Long Range 900 MHz: Our Sub-1 GHz system enhances your system by providing you with a longer range and a stronger signal to help maintain connectivity through thick walls and barriers, offering you a longer shelf-life and less power consumption, and costing you less in infrastructure costs over the long-term. 
  • Wi-Fi Technology: Equipped with Wi-Fi technology, SensoScientific’s sensors require no external infrastructure to operate (tapping into your current network to reduce IT costs), eliminate downtime by uploading data in real-time, and help you receive 24/7 notifications to stay on top of the conditions you’re monitoring.
  • Cellular Technology: We also pair your equipment with cellular technology to help your equipment transmit and receive signals where the network is off-limits or simply not available.

SensoScientific Is Here to Support Your Monitoring Needs

Our expertly designed and built monitoring systems are easy to install, supported by our great technical support team, our three-year device warranty, and full-service compliance automation. Get the technology you need to monitor your environments by requesting a quote today or contacting us to learn more.

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