Leveraging IoT Systems with Wi-Fi Technology

Leveraging IoT Systems with Wi-Fi Technology

The world we live in today is anchored in wireless technology. Nowadays, more and more devices are created with internet-of-things capability and Wi-Fi accessibility to increase user-friendliness and allow for remote access to device features. When it comes to data logging, wireless connectivity and cloud-based data access have become critical in surpassing environmental monitoring regulatory requirements.

Most organizations have already invested in a robust internal network infrastructure. One of the significant benefits of SensoScientific Wi-Fi temperature monitoring devices is that they piggyback off your existing network. This way, you can keep IT costs low and avoid purchasing an additional external network. These industrial wireless temperature sensors monitor conditions and upload data to the centralized cloud from any location with Wi-Fi internet access. This enabled features like 24/7 alert notifications for moments when devices take readings outside the allowable parameters.

Wi-Fi Temperature Monitoring Automates Meeting Compliance

Wireless technology makes industrial data logging a plug-and-play enterprise solution. Our temperature sensors have a number of features to help your organization save time and money.

No External Infrastructure

Wi-Fi data loggers piggyback off your current network & cut down your IT costs.

No Downtime

Devices upload data in real-time and eliminate downtime for bulk data downloads.

24/7 Alert Notifications

Wi-Fi connectivity allows for 24/7 alerts, sent the moment excursions happen.

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SensoScientific’s wi-fi technology automates temperature monitoring to help your facility pass the next audit with ease. Ready to try it for yourself? Request a demo today!

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