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Hospital Temperature Monitoring System

Hospital temperature monitoring system for critical environmental conditions in every department.

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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

Exceed CDC and VFC compliance standards and never throw away inventory again.

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Vaccines for Children ― VFC Data Loggers

The preferred temperature monitoring system for Vaccines for Children (VFC) state Department of Health.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Monitor ultra-low temperature-controlled storage units for COVID-19 vaccine potency.

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Blood Bank Monitoring System

Automate reading blood bank, hospital, and pharmacy environmental conditions with a continuous wireless monitoring system.

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BioPharma Remote Temperature Monitoring

Maintain FDA standards for biopharma cold chain temperature monitoring.

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Animal Laboratory

Centralize research and development data with a reliable remote monitoring system.

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Laboratory Incubator Temperature Monitoring

Protect embryos with ultra-low wireless temperature sensors that fit right into your incubator.

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Cannabis Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cannabis environmental conditions from seedling to harvest.

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HACCP Temperature Monitoring System

Meet HACCP regulatory requirements for reporting, analyzing, and storing temperature data.

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