A Guide to Laboratory Temperature Monitoring

Achieving and maintaining proper temperature in a laboratory is not as simple as it seems. Remote temperature monitoring systems made headlines last year during the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. The Pfizer vaccine requires a cold storage temperature of -70C. You must store the Moderna vaccine at -20C. There were many logistical concerns to work out when

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Keep Your Medications Safe: All About Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Time and experience have taught most of us that monitoring the temperature helps keep our medications safe and effective. In fact, pharmaceutical temperature monitoring has become a mandatory measure that the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) and the International Council on Harmonisation (ICH) require. Both the FDA and ICH require medications to have a temperature monitoring

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Water Leak Sensor: What It Is and How to Use It in Your Lab

With the average cost of fixing a water leak now hovering around $2,500, water damage to your lab is going to cost you much more than a residential leak. It’ll be a lot of work, even if you get someone like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to help with the repairs. With the amount of equipment and research you’re

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