What’s going to be the next big thing in the pharmacy arena? If you want to know, then you might want to attend the 2020 HOPA Pharmacist Conference. The 2020 HOPA Pharmacist Conference will help you keep up with the latest developments in hematology and oncology clinical trials, therapeutic regimens, treatment guidelines, and emerging technologies. 

There are innovative healthcare initiatives or clinical decisions that have a positive impact on the treatment of tumor types through the use of new supporting care therapies. There are three products you might want to focus on that are in the new research and treatment regimens that will be presented at the four-day conference. Together these three products boast over-the-air upgrade (OTA) Wi-Fi digital data logging and probe capabilities, provide accurate and reliable wireless monitoring systems, and enable remote temperature monitoring designed for vaccines.

Read on to learn why the 2020 HOPA pharmacist conference isn’t one you want to miss. These three innovative products may give you the technology you’ve been looking for all along with the simple, reliable, and accurate results you need.

Three Products That Can Help Save Lives

The three technology driving products being highlighted at the 2020 HOPA Pharmacist Conference, each offers something unique in the treatment regimens in supportive care therapies. The products are the:

  • Vaccine Temperature Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote OTA Wi-Fi Sensor Digital Data Logger and Probe

HOPA provides highly-trained decision-makers who are engaged in medication management and business operations with a clear and concise way to navigate through the rapidly changing technological world of oncology practices. There are distinctive needs and challenges in this specialized area, and the technological devices that are used have to provide an applicational use or result for clinicians, educators, researchers, and administrators. 

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

The Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System helps in the monitoring of vaccine criteria. It does this in vaccinations and immunizations and the vaccine for children program (VFC). It meets the NIST, NPL, and A2LA Traceable Calibration Certificate and CDC regulations, including CLIA. 

The Wi-Fi versatility of the data logger can integrate with the cloud network. The cloud network allows for the measurement and documentation of ambient temperatures for vaccine storage within their containers. You have an all-in-one, validated, and streamlined system that meets CDC and VFC’s regulation procedures. 

What’s more, you have a 24/7 system that gives you SMS text messages, voice, pager alerts, cell phone calls, faxes, and emails letting you know there’s a threat of damaging or diminishing the potency. One of the CDC’s greatest issues is in the improper storage of vaccines, which results in unusable or ineffective vaccines. 

Wi-Fi Remote Temperature Monitoring

The Wi-Fi remote temperature monitoring has a series of nodes that provide over-the-air upgrade (OTA) capabilities and benefits that automatically upgrade Firmware. This OTA feature provides a cost and time-factoring efficiency by eliminating the need for manual services. These critical functions of Wi-Fi remote temperature monitoring are compatible with onboard visual and audible alarms.

The alarms give you a defined sensor that gives you current data in the case of data excursions with current minimum and maximum readings. There are diagnostic icons available for your alarms, battery life, and connectivity needs. If needed, you can receive additional alerts that range from SMS text messaging to emails. 

By utilizing the TCP protocol, the transmitter passes information to a standard access point that’s accessed by any Wi-Fi-enabled network. The transmitter monitors can have their preset conditions inputted by each user.  All data has a time-stamp and holds the readings locally until it’s transmitted to cloud storage with unlimited, perpetual data capabilities. 

Remote OTA Wi-Fi Sensor Digital Data Logger and Probe

The OTA Wi-Fi sensor digital data logger and probe has internal and external temperature sensors for monitoring. You connect to a computer with a USB, and your configuration or Wi-Fi performs the memory acquisition near the field communication interface (NFC). Androids, smartphones, and tablets can interface with the NFC. 

The software analysis download and export features have a cloud portal option that can be configured to send out temperature readings from the NFC device to the cloud. Once stored on the cloud, you can check the records from any internet browser without any proprietary software needed. You can also get data logging through a direct USB connection to the computer.

This connection has a memory acquisition for 32,000 records and a battery life of two years. This is a software tool in the data logging family that configures and records data downloads for analysis and export. The advanced version support matches ANV ISA RDC17:2010 and FDA21CFR part 11 criteria.

HOPA Pharmacist Conference

The HOPA pharmacist conference is to help ensure the four core areas needed for resources in the next five years have a clear set of objectives with measurable directions given to achieve the stated goals. The four core areas needed for the strategic goals are professional development, professional resources, and tools, research, and advocacy. The objectives are to obtain and use efficient and scalable solutions in all four core areas. 

By providing a framework with clear and concise benchmarks, product solutions that improve quality and professional practices need to be further developed and integrated into current pharmacy practices. Any efficacy in hematology and oncology pharmacy needs workforce metrics that develop collaborative outcome results. It’s public, patient, and professional awareness that helps engage any advocacy initiatives needed.

The Way Forward for the Hematology and Oncology Pharmacist

It’s only through the development and strengthening of pharmacist conference alliances that help impact access to care that has safe and quality value. The breadth and depth of the initiatives needed by pharmacists practicing in hematology and oncology must be led by research and advocacy working hand-in-hand. SensoScientific is dedicated to innovation through product improvements that meet the challenges in the healthcare environment. 

When you need the most advanced wireless system that meets the strict compliance for hospitals, life science research, and more, reach out to SensoScientific to meet your needs. There is no substitute for performance that improves products while meeting the fast-changing healthcare environments. 

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