Devices for Remote Temperature Monitoring System

FDA Compliant: Devices for Remote Temperature Monitoring System

The pharmaceutical industry has very strict guidelines to control biological products. Time, temperature, and other variables affect the safety and usefulness of these medicines. Who keeps track of these variables? Are they still using a handheld probe and a sheet of paper to keep records? How does that fit into reporting requirements? The World Health

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How To Set Up A WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

How to Set Up a WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

Are you planning to open a new pharmaceutical lab? Then it’s paramount for your new facility that you make sure to have the right WiFi temperature monitoring system in place. But can you trust your system? It’s a researcher or lab manager’s worst nightmare to walk in and find any temperature-controlled device has failed overnight or

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Control Your Vaccine Storage Temperatures

How to Better Control Your Vaccine Storage Temperatures

Read on for recommendations on how to better control your vaccine storage temperatures. Logistics is the biggest obstacle to getting vaccinations into poorer countries. Why? You must store vaccines in a temperature-controlled environment. Getting them to places like Haiti, for example, presents challenges. Vaccines must travel long distances in hot climates. Maintaining vaccine stability at different

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Benefits of WiFi Temperature Monitoring

Why More Labs Are Turning to WiFi Temperature Monitoring

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of WiFi temperature monitoring, and why you might want to consider implementing it into your lab. The United States controls a whopping 45 percent of the worldwide pharmaceutical market. And if your lab is part of that large chunk, chances are that temperature control is part of

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Premier Annual Breakthroughs Conference

SensoScientific Exhibits at the Premier Annual Breakthroughs Conference

The Hottest Wireless Temperature Systems for Healthcare When’s the last time you saw a thermometer in person? If you’ve seen one recently, somebody needs to upgrade. The ever-increasing demand for storing medical, pharmaceutical, and vaccine products has been met with the uncompromising efficiency of the digital, wireless age. The solution that stemmed from combining these

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Why Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Why Wireless Temperature Monitoring?

Healthcare Needs Better Technology As the healthcare industry continues to expand and advance in technology, the demand for more efficient systemization of information invariably grows with it. One of the most critical facets of information that the healthcare industry requires is temperature monitoring. Anyone who has ever worked in a clinical laboratory setting can attest

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UCLA Selects SensoScientific

UCLA Selects SensoScientific

SensoScientific cloud monitoring holds promise for research and life sciences data acquisition and lab automation. UCLA and other leading national academic research institutions select SensoScientific cloud monitoring. One of the major challenges for the research and life science industry has been safeguarding their research valuables and remote monitoring of critical parameters such as temperature, humidity,

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