Find the Perfect Additions

SensoScientific temperature sensor accessories are crafted to protect your device or provide support, allowing your device to function at the highest capacity. You can find many different additions including a waterbag, Glycol vial, solid thermal buffer, Wi-Fi OTA sensor kickstand, and more. 

For moist environments, our waterbag accessory acts as a protective layer for your device to be stored in. The Wi-Fi OTA sensor kickstand provides your device with physical support so that the unit can be placed on tables, counters, and easy-to-see surfaces. The external alarm operates 24/7, allowing the cloud to alert you when temperature readings fall outside of a normal range. A loud sound and red mini strobe light are projected, alerting nearby staff when there is a change in temperature. Our buffers are made to reflect the average temperature of liquid items placed inside storage units, like vaccines. The buffers attach to probes, which are then attached to temperature sensor cables that monitor your business’ preferred parameters. 

The Benefits of Choosing SensoScientific

Our temperature sensor accessories are simple installation and easy to use. The accessories that work with Wi-Fi are secure, storing data on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. All data is time-stamped through the cloud and cannot be changed for full audit transparency in accordance with ERES FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation. Our devices work 24/7, alerting you whenever there is an inconsistency in a recording.SensoScientific’s in-house calibration lab has been certified by A2LA. 

Leading the industry, SensoScientific’s products are always equipped with the latest firmware through developer updates. Security, accuracy, and compliance are at the forefront of SensoScientific’s craftsmanship. Contact a team member today to learn more about each accessories’ unique function and how it can help your entity meet day-to-day compliance.

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