Benefits of WiFi Temperature Monitoring

October 5, 2018

Why More Labs Are Turning to WiFi Temperature Monitoring

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of WiFi temperature monitoring, and why you might want to consider implementing it into your lab.

The United States controls a whopping 45 percent of the worldwide pharmaceutical market. And if your lab is part of that large chunk, chances are that temperature control is part of your job.

Vaccines, especially, need temperature control constantly to ensure that they’re effective. Even a few minutes of the vaccine being left in the wrong environment can reduce its effectiveness.

Temperature control is so important that WHO, or the World Health Organization, has set up guidelines. This is to ensure that all vaccine suppliers keep their products viable.

In the old days, temperature control for pharmaceuticals meant tedious spreadsheets. Today, we have far better technology.

This is why many labs and doctors’ offices are turning to WiFi temperature control.

WiFi Temperature Monitoring Eliminates “Busy Work”

While it’s necessary to monitor the temperature where vaccines and medications are stored, this also creates a massive amount of “busy work.”

This used to mean that an intern would need to constantly check and log the temperature of the storage unit. If it was not up to par, they would need to adjust it.

If some labs could not afford interns, it would take time away from other jobs people would need to finish during the day.

With WiFi temperature monitoring, there is no need to constantly send someone to the storage unit. Instead, you can keep track of it at your desk. You can also adjust it if it isn’t the correct temperature.

This way, your staff can focus on more important matters than how hot or cold the storage unit is at the moment.

You Can Monitor the Temperature More Effectively

Before WiFi monitoring, as we stated before, someone would physically have to check the temperature of the storage unit. You may have someone check at regular intervals. But due to time constraints, it’s not always practical to have someone go every hour or every few minutes.

This leads to the possibility that someone misses a change in the temperature because they’ve gotten caught up with other work.

With WiFi temperature monitoring, you can set an alarm to let you know when the temperature has changed. This way, you can adjust it as soon as you’re alerted.

Often, someone waiting even a few minutes to change the temperature can render medication or other items in your lab storage bad.

It Eliminates Human Error

In addition to the fact that it isn’t always practical to have someone check the storage unit, humans are prone to error. Even if you do have someone check the unit on time, there are always human errors.

People can read the thermostat incorrectly. They can get lazy and decide that if something is too difficult or time-consuming, they won’t do it.

Plus, you can have employees who just don’t really care about their jobs.

With WiFi monitoring, you’ll always know if there’s an issue so you can fix it immediately. This takes human error completely out of the equation.

You Can Monitor It Even When You’re Off Duty

Most labs and doctors’ offices have to close at some point. While there may be some that stay open 24 hours a day, such as hospitals, it isn’t practical to operate most labs in that manner.

It’s probably a nightmare scenario to get to work in the morning and find that the storage unit’s temperature plummeted or heated up overnight. This can lead to loss of revenue, not to mention that it’s inconvenient for customers and patients alike.

With WiFi monitoring, you can check up on it even when you’re not at work. Since you can see the temperature of the storage unit no matter where you are, you can set an alarm for when an issue occurs.

Because you can control it remotely as well, you can simply fix it while you’re having drinks with a friend or watching TV with your family. This saves everyone the hassle of an emergency trip to the storage unit, or from turning up to work to find out that everything has gone bad.

You Can Monitor for Other Issues Your Lab May Face

In labs and doctors’ offices, the temperature is the most important thing when it comes to keeping medicine viable. But your office is always in danger of other things happening inside as well. It can be vulnerable to theft, fire, or flooding, just like any other business.

A WiFi monitoring device can be hooked up to help you monitor these issues. If the system detects a break-in, it will let you know immediately. It’s also useful for storms or other natural disasters to help you assess the damage before it’s safe to return.

Get a WiFi Temperature Monitoring System Today

Another great advantage of a WiFi temperature monitoring system is that it can print out analytics for you. This eliminates the need to type it all out and input data into the system manually. You’ll save time, keep your lab secure, and avoid hefty fines.

If you’re interested in our remote temperature control systems, visit this section on our website to learn more about how they work. They’re an essential upgrade for those in this business and can make a world of difference.

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