Remote Monitoring with Cellular Technology

Remote Monitoring with Cellular Technology

Cellular technology enables environmental monitoring systems to transmit and receive signals where network access is off-limits, IT support is limited, or there is no internet connectivity. This technology can be outfitted in diverse environments, indoors or outdoors, and works well with low-power, long-range applications. When combined with data logging technology, cellular connectivity allows your monitoring to be as remote as you are. It’s ideal for locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is spotty, at best. Cellular data loggers are particularly attractive as a cost-effective option because the base stations and cell towers are already in place, which means you don’t need to make additional purchases on network infrastructure.

Data Logging on the Go

SensoScientific’s monitoring systems can include cellular networking to create a completely wireless solution.

Remote Wireless Monitoring

Upload data to the SensoScientific Cloud anywhere you receive cellular connectivity.

No Downtime

Devices upload data in real-time and eliminate downtime for bulk data downloads.

247 Alert Notifications

Celluar connectivity allows for 24/7 alerts, sent the moment excursions happen.

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