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Our Wi-Fi Differential Pressure Sensor provides readings up to ±0.1 inWC. It also features an ambient operating range between 0°C to 75°C and up to 95% RH. Once a recording dips or exceeds parameters, alerts are sent to the user via SMS, phone call, email, audible and visual alarm, and more. SensoScientific’s DP001 and DP005 Probes provide uni- and bi-directional pressure measurements. The DP001 Probe provides readings up to ±0.1 inWC whereas the DP005 probe records up to ±0.5 inWC. All of the differential pressure monitoring systems crafted at SensoScientific can be applied in airborne isolation rooms, pharmaceutical clean rooms, special procedure rooms, operating rooms, HVAC systems, cytology labs, sterile lab environments, and more. Specifically, the DP001 and DP005 probes are compatible with all SensoScientific devices.

What Makes SensoScientific a Leader in the Industry?

All SensoScientific sensors are FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and come equipped with NIST traceable probes from our in-house A2LA accredited calibration laboratory. The SensoScientific cloud stores your device’s information and meets the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), ensuring that your security will not be compromised. Information that is recorded in the cloud cannot be changed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Our cloud and networks are secured with firmware, setting the industry precedent. Users can access the cloud to modify settings, generate reports, and more.

SensoScientific’s sensors also feature a single sign-on capability (SSO), allowing you to conveniently and securely access your device with one set of credentials. Our devices include unlimited cloud memory and on-transmitter buffer storage of up to 4000 readings. 

The SensoScientific team provides 24/7 technical support and will assist your business with installation. We help with full-service compliance automation and offer a three-year warranty on all devices, which is the longest available on the market. All SensoScientific products complement enterprise scalability, supporting your business/organization as it grows. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about how SensoScientific’s room pressure monitoring devices can improve your business.

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