Install an Effective CO2 Air Monitor for Environmental Monitoring and Control

SensoScientific’s inventory of carbon dioxide monitoring systems includes critical pieces of hardware that make CO2 monitoring, data collection, and reporting seamless. These include: 

  • Our 4-20mA Universal Sensors, which are high-speed wireless modules with PEAPv0 enterprise security that can collect, store, and transmit data wirelessly over a standard 802.11 b/g/n with TCP protocol. Simply install, use the cloud to customize your settings, and receive 24/7 notifications via fax, SMS, and email. 
  • Our Carbon Dioxide Probe is the leading device to monitor carbon dioxide emissions in the air between a range of 0 to 20%. It measures and records CO2 readings, then uses your existing Wi-Fi network to send collected data to the SensoScientific Cloud.

Improve your environmental monitoring with our industry-leading carbon dioxide monitoring systems here at SensoScientific.

Discover Easy-to-Install and Reliable Environmental Monitoring Hardware at SensoScientific

SensoScientific specializes in producing wireless environmental monitoring systems that are simple to install, although we do offer installation support to ensure installation is seamless in every environment. Our systems are also equipped with IoT for rapid and effective results, and a 3-year device warranty to keep your hardware protected. With a great technical support team on standby and full-service compliance automation, getting started is simple. Request a quote to learn more about the monitoring systems your organization needs or contact us if you have any questions about SensoScientific and the products or services that we offer.

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