Why Wireless Temperature Monitoring

May 14, 2015

Why Wireless Temperature Monitoring?

Healthcare Needs Better Technology

As the healthcare industry continues to expand and advance in technology, the demand for more efficient systemization of information invariably grows with it. One of the most critical facets of information that the healthcare industry requires is temperature monitoring. Anyone who has ever worked in a clinical laboratory setting can attest to the numerous challenges and hindrances that manual temperature monitoring can create. The costliness, time consumption, and inconsistency of such methods can force these labs to throw out and waste several products, supplies, and other important inventory, ultimately leading to inefficient and/or costly outcomes.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

It was only a matter of time before somebody would come around with the idea of combining digital temperature monitoring technology with Wi-Fi, but the challenge in this emerging industry is getting it right! There are countless systems out there now that utilize elaborate software programming, require regular maintenance, and are connected to external servers, all of which can be complicated, costly, and also create potential points of failure. There is a lot of appeal to wireless temperature monitoring. The ability to receive alerts on your mobile device is one of the highlights of this technology. Whenever a temperature falls out of the required range, personnel are immediately informed through either email, text message or they can be transmitted as sort of an alert.

Getting it Right

The idea here is to make wireless temperature monitoring a simple, accurate, and efficient feat to integrate into laboratories and hospitals. Perhaps most importantly, SensoScientific devices don’t rely on software, don’t require regular maintenance, and do not require an external server. All temperature monitoring information can be accessed from any Internet-ready device. SensoScientific prides itself on the fact that it’s “the only temperature monitoring solution provider to allow iPhones and other smart devices, full data access without having to put a hole in your firewall or hosting data outside of your network.” SensoScientific products also take extra measures to comply with FDA, USDA, Joint Commission, USP797, HACCP, and ISO17025 regulations. In fact, the FDA uses SensoScientific devices to keep track of its own laboratory’s temperatures. These products provide comprehensive reports on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis along with graphical temperature trend analysis and automatic notifications of all relevant changes. Sensoscientific devices are also built to continue working during blackouts so that there isn’t an inkling of missing data.

Stay in Touch with Healthcare Technology

For those of you that haven’t heard, the 2015 Amerinet Member Conference is right around the corner. This is where inspiring leaders, innovative suppliers, and motivating peers show up to support each other in navigating the terrains of the healthcare industry. Many attendees have described this event as being the best conference they’ve ever attended, pointing out the inspirational atmosphere, the invaluable information they took away from it, and the ability to take a peek into the future of healthcare technology. If you want to see the amazing progress SensoScientific is making in the healthcare industry, be sure to stop by booth#130, meet the team May 17th-20th, 2015 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, Orlando, Florida. Be a part of the future of healthcare.

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