Track and Manage Conditions in Any Environment With Universal Sensors From SensoScientific

SensoScientific produces reliable, high-quality sensors that make it easy to track and receive alerts about environmental conditions that can affect your organization’s work. All of our wireless transmitters are high speed wireless modules with PEAPv0 enterprise security, which are capable of collecting, storing, and transmitting data wirelessly over a standard 802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi – RF Frequency 2.4 to 2.497 GHz) with TCP protocol. Whether you’re looking for a 4-20mA temperature sensor or 4-20 transmitter, our 0-5V Universal Sensor, or our 0-10V sensor, we offer you the options you need to keep track of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and more in your work environment. 

SensoScientific Offers the Convenience and Reliability Your Organization Requires to Operate Successfully

Each and every sensor from SensoScientific is easy to install, easy to use, and streamlined by IoT so that you receive real-time alerts via popular channels like SMS, text message, voice, pager, cell phone, fax, and e-mail. With a great technical support team here to help you operate your sensors, a 3-year warranty to protect your equipment and ensure your complete satisfaction, and installation support available to you if you need it, tracking elements in your environment and receiving real-time data to make quick changes and address issues is quite achievable for any organization. Request a quote or contact us now.

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