One Monitoring Solution for Your Entire Healthcare System

SensoScientific has a wide range of wireless sensors for every parameter, department, and compliance standard, from temperature to humidity, air pressure, and more. Our remote monitoring system ensures you are meeting Joint Commission, CDC, and VFC compliance. This way, you can focus on more important things, like patient care, and automate meeting regulatory requirements.

Continuous Monitoring for Every Application

hospital temperature monitoring system

Hospital Temperature Monitoring System

Hospital temperature monitoring system for critical environmental conditions in every department.

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

Exceed CDC and VFC compliance standards and never throw away inventory again.

vaccine temperature monitoring

Vaccines for Children ― VFC Data Loggers

The preferred temperature monitoring system for Vaccines for Children (VFC) state Department of Health.

covid-19 vaccine temperature monitoring

Covid-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Monitor ultra-low temperature-controlled storage units for COVID-19 vaccine potency.

hospital blood bank pharmacy

Blood Bank Monitoring System

Automate reading hospital, blood bank, and pharmacy environmental conditions with a continuous wireless monitoring system.

Laboratory Incubator Temperature Monitoring

Protect embryos with ultra-low wireless temperature sensors that fit right into your incubator.

cannabis temperature monitoring

Cannabis Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cannabis environmental conditions from seedling to harvest.

Future-Proof Your Healthcare Monitoring System

healthcare monitoring system

Future-Proof Your Healthcare Monitoring System

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