Detailed View of Our Formaldehyde Sensors

Our devices can detect formaldehyde and monitor ambient temperature/humidity up to 5000 PPB. Each device includes a three-year warranty, which is the longest available on the market. Our detectors have unlimited cloud memory along with on-transmitter buffer storage. They also feature visual and audible alarms with 24/7 alert notifications through the cloud. The transmitter works by sending data to a designated access point, which can then be viewed by any Wi-Fi network. The user defines the parameters, and the formaldehyde detector monitors the measurements, alerting you when it falls out of range visually and audibly. Additional alerts can be sent via SMS, cell phone call, fax, and email.

How SensoScientific Can Make a Difference in Your Business

We ensure that you will easily meet compliance with our SNAP calibration probes and A2LA accredited laboratory. You can also feel confident that your data will never be compromised with our validated cloud. Once recorded in the cloud, readings cannot be changed for full transparency in your next audit.

The SensoScientific team also provides 24/7 technical support in case you have any questions or need help with installation. With our monitoring systems, you are always in the know about what is going on in your environment and can manage devices remotely using over-the-air firmware. 

As full-service compliance automation experts, all of our products are guaranteed to make your next audit easier and are scalable to support systems with any number of probes you need for your business. Request a quote today or contact us to learn if our formaldehyde detectors are a good fit for your organization.

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