In-Transit Temperature Monitoring System

SensoScientific’s temperature sensors are the leading choice for transportation temperature monitoring. Solution features include extended battery life, wide-range temperature recording, cloud-based data access, local bulk data download, and more. Wireless temperature sensors report data to the SensoScientific Validated Cloud and send real-time alerts, 24/7. Know the moment environmental conditions threaten temperature-sensitive products’ potency and streamline compliance automation throughout your cold chain.

Continuous Monitoring for Every Application

haccp temperature monitoring system

HACCP Temperature Monitoring System

Meet HACCP regulatory requirements for reporting, analyzing, and storing temperature data.

restaurant temperature monitoring systems

Restaurant Temperature Monitoring System

Make meeting food safety requirements a breeze and maintain your A-level rating.

Future-Proof Your In-Transit Monitoring System

shipping in transit temperature monitoring system

Future-Proof Your In-Transit Monitoring System

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