State of the Art Lab Monitoring Systems

SensoScientific temperature monitoring systems are specifically designed to exceed life science compliance standards for FDA, AAALAC, AALAS, and more. Our highly-accurate temperature sensors automatically record lab freezer and refrigerator temperatures, so your staff never needs to take manual temperatures ever again. All the data is time-stamped and digitally recorded for complete visibility and audit traceability. Our cloud-based system offers government-level security, online reporting, 24/7 alert notifications, and technical support.

Beneficial Applications for Continuous Lab Monitoring

Whether you need to monitor the temperature in a blood bank, animal laboratory, lab freezer, cannabis greenhouse, or other lab environments, our sensors will give you peace of mind knowing that you are always meeting compliance.

hospital blood bank pharmacy

Blood Bank Monitoring System

Automate reading blood bank, hospital, and pharmacy environmental conditions with a continuous wireless monitoring system.

Animal Laboratory

Centralize research and development data with a reliable remote monitoring system.

Laboratory Incubator Temperature Monitoring

Protect embryos with ultra-low wireless temperature sensors that fit right into your incubator.

cannabis temperature monitoring

Cannabis Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cannabis environmental conditions from seedling to harvest.

Future-Proof Your Lab Monitoring System

Future Proof Your Laboratory Monitoring System

Future-Proof Your Lab Monitoring System

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