About Vaccine Data Loggers

Everything You Need to Know About Vaccine Data Loggers

Vaccines are a wonder of the modern world. Many children never have to suffer childhood diseases that were once considered a rite of passage. Dangerous or crippling diseases like polio barely exist. And some diseases, like smallpox, have virtually been eradicated. But vaccines are extremely delicate. In order to remain viable and effective, they must be properly

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Devices for Remote Temperature Monitoring System

FDA Compliant: Devices for Remote Temperature Monitoring System

The pharmaceutical industry has very strict guidelines to control biological products. Time, temperature, and other variables affect the safety and usefulness of these medicines. Who keeps track of these variables? Are they still using a handheld probe and a sheet of paper to keep records? How does that fit into reporting requirements? The World Health

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Maintainining Optimal Laboratory Temperature and Humidity

How to Maintain Optimal Laboratory Temperature and Humidity

This quick guide will help you understand the requirements around maintaining optimal laboratory temperatures and humidity. We’ll also go over the processes for maintaining optimal temperatures in the lab. More than 7 billion lab tests happen in the United States each year. Whether a lab handles a large percentage or a tiny fraction, accurate results are always

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How To Set Up A WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

How to Set Up a WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

Are you planning to open a new pharmaceutical lab? Then it’s paramount for your new facility that you make sure to have the right WiFi temperature monitoring system in place. But can you trust your system? It’s a researcher or lab manager’s worst nightmare to walk in and find any temperature-controlled device has failed overnight or

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Benefits of WiFi Temperature Monitoring

Why More Labs Are Turning to WiFi Temperature Monitoring

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of WiFi temperature monitoring, and why you might want to consider implementing it into your lab. The United States controls a whopping 45 percent of the worldwide pharmaceutical market. And if your lab is part of that large chunk, chances are that temperature control is part of

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SensoScientific attends AALAS Annual meeting

SensoScientific attends AALAS Annual meeting and takes a stance on the accuracy of scientific research.

Environmental Monitoring in the Age of Automation Environmental monitoring has become increasingly crucial for a variety of industries worldwide. From the food industry to medical research, ensuring proper environmental conditions is imperative to safety and accuracy during the production, storage, and development of new products. Advancements in technology have made it possible to automate many

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Vizient For Its Breakthrough Temperature Monitoring System

SensoScientific Wins Contract with Vizient for its Breakthrough Temperature Monitoring System

SensoScientific Inc, a market leader in Wireless Environmental Monitoring for the life science and Healthcare Industry, announced as of Fall of 2017 that its Wireless Temperature Monitoring and other environmental monitoring products are available to Vizient, the nation’s largest healthcare GPO. Mike Zarei, Vice president of Business Development, commented: “As compliance becomes more targeted in keeping patients safe,

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SensoScientific AABB Annual Meeting

Why You Should Know About AABB Annual Meeting 2015

This is where science and medicine come together and pave the way for the future of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. It isn’t just a melting pot of phenomenal people and ideas; this is about enhancing the quality of life. It’s a place where people educate, learn, receive awards and recognition for pioneering work in

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5 Ways Vitamin B12 Helps Joint Pain and Arthritis Sufferers

5 Ways Vitamin B12 Helps Joint Pain and Arthritis Sufferers

The recommended dosage of B12 vitamins daily is an essential part of overall health. To those who have autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, it can help pain management and prevent future health risks. SensoScientific has partnered with vitamin producers who specialize in the formulation and manufacturing of vitamin products. SensoScientific’s Wireless Environmental monitoring ensures

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SensoScientific Team To Attend The Passport Health Annual Conference

SensoScientific Team to Attend the Passport Health Annual Conference

What Is This All About? The healthcare industry continues to soar as one of the most important industries in the United States. Given the clear need for high-level health care in our lives, it’s no surprise that hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, and other parts of the health care system

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