oncology environmental monitoring

The Importance of Environmental Monitoring for Oncology

Patients and healthcare workers can be exposed to hazardous chemicals within an oncology center. This may be an unexpected source of exposure but it is a real threat nonetheless. This could lead to accidental contact with toxic substances. The environmental monitoring of oncology centers could prevent the appearance of side effects. The hospital and clinic

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Know About USP 797 Guidelines

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About USP 797 Guidelines

Recently, the USP-NF announced it was postponing some updates, including changes for USP 797. The updates were supposed to take effect on December 1, 2019. Many pharmacy personnel were wondering what changes they’d need to make. What do the current USP 797 guidelines say about compounding environments anyway? If you have questions, this guide has the

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passing a BIMO inspection

BIMO Inspection Readiness Checklist & Guide: FDA BioResearch Monitoring of Clinical Trials

Did you know that an FDA inspector typically schedules a bioresearch monitoring (BIMO) audit within five days of arrival? Would your clinical have BIMO inspection readiness in such a short time? Well, it should be: these inspections can occur at any time during a clinical trial, and there is no hard rule for how much notice they have to provide. If you are

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Sensoscientific Calibration Services

Measure for Measure: What is Calibration and Why Is It Important for Your Lab?

The word “calibrate” dates back only a couple hundred years, but the concept of calibration is actually far older. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had their own systems of calibration that they used in construction. Today, calibration is often used in research labs to ensure accurate data. But what is calibration, how does it work, and why does

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A Guide To Safe Medical And Lab Refrigeration Storage

A Guide to Safe Medical and Lab Refrigeration Storage

Refrigeration revolutionized modern life. However, this innovation meant much more than keeping milk and meat from spoiling. Modern refrigeration has also allowed for great changes in the medical industry. Today, medical laboratories almost always use some kind of refrigeration. This allows for the storage of samples, as well as reagents and other tools used in

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Right Carbon Dioxide Monitor for Your Work Environment

Are You Using the Right Carbon Dioxide Monitor for Your Work Environment?

Many people are well aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. This type of poisoning causes about 430 deaths in the U.S. per year, on average. Fortunately, many homes and businesses now have carbon monoxide monitors to prevent this problem. However, far fewer people are aware of the need for a carbon dioxide monitor. Carbon dioxide

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Water Leak Sensor in Lab

Water Leak Sensor: What It Is and How to Use It in Your Lab

With the average cost of fixing a water leak now hovering around $2,500, water damage to your lab is going to cost you much more than a residential leak. It’ll be a lot of work, even if you get someone like ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to help with the repairs. With the amount of equipment and research you’re

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CO2 Monitor

How a CO2 Monitor Can Ensure Your Lab is Safe and FDA Compliant

Having high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your laboratory can be potentially life-threatening for your employees if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Monitoring CO2 levels in your lab is essential in ensuring the quality of your product while maintaining FDA compliance. Fortunately, CO2 monitors are designed to keep your technicians and products safe. If you aren’t sure what

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Maintainining Optimal Laboratory Temperature and Humidity

How to Maintain Optimal Laboratory Temperature and Humidity

This quick guide will help you understand the requirements around maintaining optimal laboratory temperatures and humidity. We’ll also go over the processes for maintaining optimal temperatures in the lab. More than 7 billion lab tests happen in the United States each year. Whether a lab handles a large percentage or a tiny fraction, accurate results are always

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How To Set Up A WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

How to Set Up a WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

Are you planning to open a new pharmaceutical lab? Then it’s paramount for your new facility that you make sure to have the right WiFi temperature monitoring system in place. But can you trust your system? It’s a researcher or lab manager’s worst nightmare to walk in and find any temperature-controlled device has failed overnight or

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