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Dry Contact – Open / Close

The dry contact module can be connected to any industry-standard device with a dry contact output. As dry contact devices do not generate any power, the module emits a low current to detect whether the switch on the other device is open or closed. Typical devices that provide a dry contact output include alarm units, door open/close sensors, and switches. The SensoScientific module can be configured to detect either a “normally closed” or “normally open” state to correspond with the device to monitor.

B18-100-K102C & K103C

Wi-Fi open/closed and dry contact transmitter supports one external dry contact sensor. SensoScientific Wi-Fi transmitters are high speed wireless modules with PEAPv0 enterprise security, capable of collecting, storing and transmitting data wirelessly over a standard 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi – RF Frequency 2.4 to 2.497 Ghz) with TCP protocol.