Efficiently Monitor Any Size Environment

SensoScientific’s 900 MHz long-range wireless temperature sensors provide WiFi-independent environmental monitoring of large spaces. The nodes are equipped with a solid thermal buffer and enable simultaneous monitoring of two different parameters.

You can place the Sub-1 GHz long-range, low-power wireless loggers directly inside your warehouse, storage unit, or refrigerator. They will stay connected to the 900 MHz gateway and store up to 4,000 readings locally. These data are sent to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (ERES) validated SensoScientific Cloud, where you can change the node settings, create reports, and more. The cloud facilitates full audit traceability. The external wireless display allows you to check readings, battery, and alarm status per CDC and VFC requirements.

SensoScientific’s Sub-1 GHz long-range wireless temperature sensors meet all your wireless monitoring needs with wide scalability, easy installation, 24/7 alert notification, and around-the-clock technical support.

Learn Why SensoScientific’s Environmental Monitoring Systems are the Best on the Market

At SensoScientific, we know that many organizations rely on good temperature monitoring devices to help them meet compliance requirements. Our systems have comprehensive reporting, which allows you to pass your next audit with full transparency. They are also easy to install, scalable for any size enterprise, and always up to date with the latest software. Monitor data remotely with Wi-Fi and get instant notifications on your personal devices if any readings are outside the set parameters.

To learn more about our 900 MHz long-range and low-power sub-1 GHz wireless devices, contact our 24/7 team of experts. You can also request a quote today and see how our systems can help improve your operational efficiency.

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