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Sensoscientific Validated Cloud

SensoScientific FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (ERES) validated cloud application gives you remote access to data records, calibration certificates, and more. You can customize notifications to receive immediate alerts when readings fall outside range and facilitate your next inspection with full audit transparency.

Enterprise Smart Cloud Technologies

Over the Air Technology

With over-the-air (OTA) technology in our environment monitoring software, you can eliminate the need for manual upgrades and sensor replacements. Regular OTA encrypted software updates can occur automatically and securely without disrupting the performance. This environmental monitoring technology can ensure that the most accurate data is collected and the infrastructure is continuously improved, making your monitoring systems future-proof.

Single Sign-On LDAP

Single sign-on (SSO) technology within the cloud platform simplifies employee experience and removes barriers to productivity. SSO can facilitate employees’ access to data with a user-friendly, one-step sign-in process. Incorporating this technology can help organizations avoid identity breaches, improve app usability, and eliminate the need for constant password resets.

Failover Disaster Recovery

Our environment monitoring software includes a failover disaster recovery feature that protects your organization from possible data loss. In case of a system failure, the disaster recovery plan powered by Microsoft’s Azure VM system begins its work. A BCDR (Business Continuity Data Recovery Plan) will maintain performance until the original system recovers.

Enterprise Wireless Technologies

Sub-1 GHz Long Range 900 MHz

SensoScientific’s Sub-1 GHz environmental monitoring technology offers strong, long-range, low-power signals, perfect for large-scale companies in dense locations. With the ability to retain connectivity through thick barriers and use fewer gateways and repeaters, the Sub-1 GHz network lowers infrastructure and power costs while having a longer shelf life.

Wi-Fi Technology

SensoScientific’s Wi-Fi technology reduces IT costs and the need for external infrastructures as it piggybacks off your current network. Devices upload information to the central cloud in real-time, eliminating downtime and enabling 24/7 alert notifications through any Wi-Fi connection.

Cellular Technology

Cellular technology allows environment monitoring software to operate even when there is no internet access. Paired with data logging technology, it gives you remote monitoring and access to the SensoScientific Cloud anywhere you are. This environmental monitoring technology reduces the costs of additional network infrastructures and allows 24/7 receiving of alert notifications.

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