Importance of Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Vaccine temperature monitoring is crucial when it comes to storing any vaccine. Storing the vaccine properly protects its ultimate potency. Think about it this way, nobody wants a vaccine that doesn’t have full capability.

COVID-19 is rampant in America. It is important now more than ever to make sure that all vaccines are in their correct temperature state.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, continue reading to find out the importance of vaccine temperature monitoring in 2021.

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring and Pharmaceutical Temperature Mapping

As a pharmaceutical company is it very important to do temperature mapping in order to help decrease any lost revenue. This also helps prevent the selling of any ineffective drugs.

Different vaccines need to be at various temperatures so that they can work effectively. These temperatures can range from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

If any vaccine product ends up getting too hot or too cold it can alter its chemical properties. This is why temperature mapping is so important.

The USP is in charge of regulating the temperature standards for drugs in the U.S. According to the USP, there is a wide range of temperatures in the category of refrigeration.

The room temperature should range from 20-25 degrees Celcius and cool storage between 8-15 C.

Refrigerated storage should be between 2-8 degrees C, and freezer storage between -25-10 C.

The USP is also responsible for labeling products that need to be in a cool and dry place or in a dark place away from light. All pharmaceutical companies must complete temperature mapping on a consistent basis by independent agents.

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Recommendations

The best way to monitor vaccine temperatures is with a TMD or temperature monitor device. All vaccine storage units should have these devices present. 

It’s essential to invest in these devices as it will be more cost-effective than having to replace expiring vaccines due to inaccurate storage temperatures.

The CDC suggests that all storage facilities should have a certain type of TMD. This type of TMD is a digital data logger.

The digital data logger will come up with the most accurate results of the temperature in the storage unit. It will also provide information on how long the storage unit is outside of the correct storage temperature.

The digital data logger’s temperature data is downloadable to a computer website or specific software. Each pharmaceutical company should keep all data records for at least 3 years.

The temperature monitoring device and digital data logger should be present on all storage units and transport units. There should always be a supply of TMD backups in case if any of the devices break.

Make sure that the digital data logger is ready for use by checking to see if it contains the correct features.

These features include a detachable probe, an alarm for out-of-range temperatures, a low battery gauge, a logging interval, and a Certificate of Calibration Testing.

Storage and Handling Plans of Vaccines

All pharmaceutical companies should create an emergency plan on how to store and handle vaccines.

This way the employees will be able to act fast in urgent situations. The plan should be available to all staff members at any moment in time and should locate where the backup storage units are for the vaccines.

These backup locations may include a local hospital or pharmacy.

If vaccines need to relocate in an emergency situation, the facilities should have extra supplies of cold packs and coolers.

A truck that has refrigeration is great to have as well. A copy of the guidelines for vaccine transportation should always be accessible for every staff member.

Make sure to look at the individual state policies as it does vary in regards to emergency protocol.

Never throw away any vaccine before contacting the local immunization program. Always follow the immunization program’s guidelines first.

Training and Education

The vaccine coordinator is a key figure for any facility because they help make sure that the vaccines are properly put in storage.

There should always be at least one extra backup coordinator if the primary person isn’t present.

The vaccine coordinator is in charge of a number of tasks. Some of these tasks include ordering vaccines and overseeing the storage of vaccine shipments. 

The vaccine coordinators are also responsible for organizing vaccines within the storage units and recording the temperature readings on the log.

No matter what the employee’s job is, everyone must know the proper storage and handling policy procedures for their facility. All new personnel whether administering the vaccine or not should have access to all guidelines and training resources.

Immunization programs have great tools to use for staff training.

Freezers and Refrigerators

To practice safe vaccine temperature monitoring it is best to have the proper freezer and refrigerator. Having the right freezer or refrigerator in the facility can help stop costly vaccine losses.

The CDC recommends that facilities should have stand-alone freezers and refrigerators that do not have a freezer.

It is beneficial to have a stand-alone freezer and the refrigerator separate because it maintains the temperature better.

It is good for the vaccines to be separate and not in a combination unit so there is no chance of the vaccine having exposure to a frozen or a refrigeration temperature.

The refrigerator and freezer should have their own exterior door so that it can shut tightly, and have a thermostat. 

The units should be able to stay within the temperature requirements during the year. It should also be able to carry the largest vaccine inventory without any crowding.

The ventilation within the storage units must have good air circulation. There must be about 4 inches of space between the unit and a wall.

The Importance of Vaccine Temperature Monitoring in 2021

Vaccines are in need now more than ever in 2021, so it is important to know how vaccine temperature monitoring works. These tools will help navigate how to monitor vaccine temperatures correctly and safely.

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