VFC Data Logger Can Help You Comply With VFC Regulations

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), programs that distribute vaccines for children (VFC) have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of children around the world and prevented illnesses in millions of others. To save even more lives, it is crucial that we store vaccines in medical-grade refrigerators and freezers. It is also vital that these refrigerators and freezers keep vaccines within a certain temperature range.

To ensure that vaccines for children refrigerate and/or freeze within the appropriate temperature range, CDC regulations now require the VFC to monitor the temperature of their vaccines at all times with a data logger. A digital data logger is a device that uses sensors to record and download temperature data at any given time. If VFC providers do not monitor the temperature of their vaccines at all times, they cannot legally and safely use their vaccines.

To help VFC programs monitor their vaccines continuously, they are now utilizing data loggers connected to a cloud-based interface. To prove how a cloud-based VFC data logger makes keeping up with VFC regulations easier, we are giving you a list of the top benefits of VFC data loggers.

1. A VFC Data Logger Helps You Continuously Monitor Temperature

The CDC now requires all vaccine monitoring devices to be digital data loggers. This is so the digital data loggers can record the minimum and maximum temperatures of the vaccine units every day.

If the temperature of the vaccine-filled refrigerators and/or freezers are not within their proper range, an alarm will go off. Without these data loggers, you would have to manually check the temperature of each vaccine unit at least twice a day.

Thankfully, technological advancements eliminate the need for manual temperature logging for even bulk data downloads. With a continuous temperature monitoring system, data is recorded and stored on the cloud without downtime.

Thus, data loggers can help save you both time and resources.

2. It Helps You Figure Out If Your Refrigerator or Freezer Is About to Malfunction

Outside of acting as data logger thermometers for vaccines, VFC data loggers can also warn you of an issue with your vaccine unit refrigerators or freezers. VFC control solutions data loggers can warn you of issues by essentially ringing an alarm. VFC data loggers will even sound off an alarm if there is a power outage.

3. It Helps You Keep Track of Important Data

The CDC recommends that VFC programs record and save 3 years’ worth of data on their daily and weekly vaccine temperature readings. Managing all of this important data manually can be tedious and worrisome. Fortunately, a VFC data logger can keep track of all this data for you through its cloud-based system.

VFC data loggers increase efficiency, which makes more time available for focusing on patients.

4. It Allows You to View Important Data Anywhere

VFC data loggers have their fingers on the pulse of technology. Not only does a vaccine data logger have access to a cloud-based system to store data, but it also has its own mobile app.

You can download the VFC data logger mobile app and use it to view vaccine temperatures from any location. That way, if you are busy working from a remote location, you can still track the temperatures of your vaccine units.

Work Smarter Not Harder

When everything is said and done, using a VFC data logger is an efficient way to monitor, record, and store data on vaccine temperatures. Utilizing vaccine for children data loggers is also a great way to monitor how well your vaccine unit refrigerators and freezers are working.

Some of the most prominent hospitals, clinics, universities, and health departments are switching to more reliable technologies that streamline data storage.

While it is possible to monitor, record, store, and refrigerate vaccines without a digital data logger, it would require much more time to do so… Make the smart decision and use a vaccine for children data logger at your facility.

If you don’t, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will not allow you to help store, monitor, or distribute vaccines to children. In turn, this will cause more children to become sick or die from causes that could have been prevented by the use of vaccines. All this just goes to show you how important temperature monitoring systems can be in the medical world.

To learn more about temperature monitoring systems, contact us for more information.

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