Vaccine Monitoring System

Treating patients can be rewarding for all medical professionals. But seeing a patient get sick or not respond to treatment is frustrating, especially if it could have been avoided.

Vaccine monitoring can help your office ensure vaccines stay effective before you give them.

If you want to give your patients the best care possible, you need to know the right vaccine storage temperature. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your vaccines.

Why Proper Cooler Storage Matters

When the vaccine temperature gets too warm, the vaccine may not work as well. You should be able to recognize when a vaccine has been in warmer conditions for too long.

Even so, some vaccines may not change in appearance. Because of that, medical offices should have a temperature device that can recognize changes within one degree Fahrenheit.

When determining the vaccine monitoring methods you will use, consider the risks associated with storing vaccines outside the vaccine storage temperature. Improperly handling and storing vaccines can affect everything from their effectiveness to your relationship with patients. Here are some of the risks you take when your vaccines are stored or monitored incorrectly.

Vaccine Ineffectiveness

The biggest risk of not following vaccine temperature regulations is that the vaccine won’t work properly. Standard temperatures are put in place so that all medical facilities can follow them to protect their patients.

If your patient receives a vaccine that didn’t follow vaccine temperature protocols, they could still get sick. Then, they could pass it on to the people they see and talk to each day. If those people include infants who are too young for the vaccine or people who otherwise can’t take them, it can be disastrous.

Some vaccines, like for influenza, aren’t always effective. However, administering only properly stored vaccines can improve the overall effectiveness rate for that immunization.

Patient Trust

If you give a patient a vaccine that is more effective than average, they’ll expect it to work. But if they get sick because your office didn’t protect the vaccine, your patient will be upset.

Building trust with your patients is essential to growing your practice. Keeping that trust means you can keep helping the same patients.

But if a vaccine fails when it should have worked correctly, you can damage that patient’s trust. They may not want to choose your office for future visits.

Whether you work through a hospital or have your own office, that can be devastating. If you want to keep a good reputation and trust with your patients, giving them proper care is critical.

Overall Cost

Even if you catch a bad vaccine before you give it to a patient, keeping shots outside the vaccine temperature average can be costly. You’ll have to throw out the vaccine because it won’t be effective for any of your patients.

Imagine your entire vaccine refrigerator is at the wrong temperature. Depending on how many vaccines you store in it, you could lose a lot of money from a simple power outage. Because of this, vaccine monitoring can save your office from having to replace your entire stock and keep you from losing time on re-ordering vaccines.

Different vaccines cost different amounts, so it’s hard to anticipate the financial damage. But if you can prevent the fridge from losing power long enough, you can protect your office’s budget and the health of your patients.

How Our Vaccine Monitoring Differs

You can find multiple companies on the market offering solutions for vaccine monitoring. Our products and services help you manage your vaccines more easily and effectively than your other options.

Our monitors track the vaccine storage temperature in your office and provide real-time data you can access from anywhere. Whether you’re out of the office or if you’re otherwise busy at work, you can get an alert when the vaccine temperature changes. Then, you can focus more on taking care of your patients and less on worrying about your vaccines.

Here’s a closer look at the features that set our sensors apart from the rest.

Digital Data Loggers

Digital data loggers (DDLs) are essential for monitoring vaccines that don’t have physical changes after a change in temperature.

Perhaps you leave the office for a few days, and the vaccines look fine when you get back. Without the right tracking, there’s no way to tell if they got too warm at one point.

DDLs with a current Certificate of Calibration Testing can help you track your average refrigerator temp to keep your vaccines safe for use.

Storage in the Cloud

If you have to be away from your office, you can access our cloud system for vaccine monitoring. This gives you the chance to alert someone else in or near the office and ask them to check on the vaccine refrigerator. They can then adjust the temperature to correct the issue.

You can also receive specific alerts if the temperature changes too much for the vaccines. These, along with audible alarms in the office, will help you immediately fix temperatures that exceed safe parameters.

Another bonus of cloud storage is that it keeps your practice from having to download and submit monthly temperature logs. Whether you work at multiple locations or need to send your data elsewhere, our cloud storage can help you access vaccine storage information whenever, wherever.

WiFi and MHz Communication

While you’re in the office, you can utilize our WiFi network and our wireless communication system. It operates on 900 MHz, which is useful if your office doesn’t support WiFi.

Together, the connections help with your vaccine monitoring. You can connect to your vaccine refrigerator, and our devices can store temperature data for up to 90 days.

If you need to review temperature logs, you can use these. You don’t have to use the cloud system to use our wireless system. However, using everything we offer can help you stay on top of vaccine temperature, humidity levels, and other valuable data.

Never Miss a Parameter Change

With our vaccine monitoring system, you can stay on top of your average freezer temp. Then, you can maintain proper cooler storage for your vaccines.

Whether you want to check on your vaccines over a day off or you want immediate alerts, you can benefit from our system.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to learn how we can help you and take a look at our range of temperature monitoring sensors.

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