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September 26, 2020

Keep Your Medications Safe: All About Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Time and experience have taught most of us that monitoring the temperature helps keep our medications safe and effective. In fact, pharmaceutical temperature monitoring has become a mandatory measure that the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) and the International Council on Harmonisation (ICH) require. Both the FDA and ICH require medications to have a temperature monitoring system because fluctuations and differential pressures can impact the quality of pharmaceutical medications.

Most of the time, the ideal temperature for medication is somewhere between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Medicine not stored at the proper temperature in a monitored location can cause the drug to become altered and, therefore, less effective. There are times not having the optimum temperature and environment can cause the medication not to work at all.

Please read on if you want to learn more about how different temperatures requirements and recommendations can make all the difference in the world when you need the medication to help you get well or maintain your health’s status quo.

Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

When medication is exposed to fluctuations in temperature while being stored, such as when the medicine is exposed to moisture levels, freezing temperature, and other variables in the environment, that’s when its properties can become unsuitable. The result may be an entire lot of medication will have to be thrown out, which can end up impacting the profit margins for companies and the drug cost for consumers. There is documented and researched data that states if you don’t keep medication at the temperature the pharmaceutical company recommends then the drug, can become ineffective when used.

Temperature and humidity mean everything when it comes to medication is being housed in a warehouse or any other type of storage facility. Not only does the drug become ineffective, but if it is used, it may cause ill effects on the recipient taking the medication. There is almost always a decline in potency or effectiveness, which is why temperature monitoring is of prime consideration if you’re storing, housing, or maintaining sensitive medical equipment, drugs, vaccines, and a host of other medical products.

Medicines and various sensitive medical equipment must be stored, transported, and maintained under suitable conditions as required by product specification, and by regulatory laws and mandates. Different temperature monitoring systems can help you find the optimum temperature for your pharmaceutical products and supplies.

Differential Pressure

Differential pressure is easy to understand in theory. Differential pressure is the difference between two applied pressures. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA have stringent needs, recommendations, and mandates for differential pressure needed for transporting, storing, or maintaining medication. These regulations also apply to sensitive medical equipment, vaccines, and other types of medical products. 

Most of the time, medication and some medical equipment must be maintained at a consistent and constant pressure setting within a range provided. The sustained pressure helps adjust airflow in the storage area, providing a longer life span for pharmaceuticals. It is the building’s control panel or monitoring system that helps keep the pharmaceutical temperature and airflow constant and consistent.

There are even medications that are required to have a negative pressure environment while being compounded or grounded. Most hospitals will have a space designated within the pharmacy that allows for this procedural adjustment to stay in compliance with regulations and mandates from the FDA.

Water Leak Transmitter Temperature Monitoring System

There is a way that you can even determine if you have a water leak through a transmitter that’s both a speedy Wi-Fi and provides you with an external water leak sensor. This water leak sensor is capable of collecting and recording information that’s time-stamped on your pharmaceutical shipments or storage supplies. You can even pre-set conditions that give an audio or visual alert in some cases. 

Critical functions you need for your water leak transmitter need to be user-friendly and capable of alerting you to various diagnostic alarms. Some of the water leak transmitters are so universal they can provide you with SMS texts, messages, call alerts, pagers, cell phone alerts, faxes, and emails


Physicians know when they are operating, CO2 emissions must be kept to a minimum. Sometimes controlling levels of CO2 is also necessary to maintain pharmaceuticals while in storage. CO2 is complex, has intrinsic risks, costs, and a wide scope of impact; once anything is exposed to it, You have to be extremely careful when medication has been around it for any length of time.

Most of the time, you need to have access to temperature and humidity mapping. It is the mapping that will show if the sensitive medical equipment, medicine, or vaccines have had uniformity throughout its transportation and when being stored. The mapping will show if you’ve had any marked or unusual measurements of CO2.

Meeting Your Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring Need

When you’re ready to transport, store, and maintain your medicine, sensitive medical equipment, or any other medical product with the best pharmaceutical temperature monitoring system, there is you need to reach out to SensoScientific. Senso Scientific never stops working to make sure your pharmaceuticals are safe, reliable, and accurate. Senso Scientific found out a long time ago, by providing their customers with a simple design, integrated with Wi-Fi sensors, they can offer you the best in determining any product exposure to the most harmful impact.

In the end, you want your final result to be successfully ensuring that any of your pharmaceuticals are both safe and effective. You don’t want to have to worry about temperature, humidity, CO2, or water when you can’t be on-site. That means you need to trust the system, so you never have to worry about those things again.

If you ever have an issue in meeting a mandated pharmaceutical requirement, you want to be the first to know. With Senso Scientific’s temperature monitoring system that is so sensitive, it can even give your constant reports on differential pressure in your storage areas. Welcome to the world of Senso Scientific, which takes the worry out of your pharmaceutical monitoring no matter where you need it most. 

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