Light Temperature Humidity Monitoring for Animal Laboratories

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SensoScientific Wi-Fi transmitters are high speed wireless modules with PEAPv0 enterprise security, capable of collecting, storing and transmitting data wirelessly over a standard 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi – RF Frequency 2.4 to 2.497 Ghz) with TCP protocol. The transmitter passes information to a standard access point which can be accessed by any Wi-Fi-enabled network. Each transmitter monitors against preset conditions that are defined by the user and can provide audio and visual alerts. Additional alerts can be provided through a variety of methods such as SMS, text message, voice, pager, cell phone, fax and e-mail. Information recorded (in ºF and ºC) to the database is time-stamped and cannotbe altered through the user interface.


Wi-Fi LCD Light/Temperature/Humidity transmitter includes one external On/Off Light sensor, one external temperature sensor and one external relative humidity sensor. Beyond the temperature and humidity options, the light sensor has an adjustable potentiometer that can adjust and detect various indoor and outdoor brightness of light. The light status can be named on the cloud according to user’s preference ( Example : Night/Day, Off/On…).