SensoScientific attends AALAS Annual meeting

December 7, 2017

SensoScientific attends AALAS Annual meeting and takes a stance on the accuracy of scientific research.

Environmental Monitoring in the Age of Automation

Environmental monitoring has become increasingly crucial for a variety of industries worldwide. From the food industry to medical research, ensuring proper environmental conditions is imperative to safety and accuracy during the production, storage, and development of new products. Advancements in technology have made it possible to automate many aspects of daily life, from paying bills to updating our devices. The automation of environmental monitoring increases regulatory compliance and greatly reduces the labor cost associated with manual logging of data, thus allowing organizations to push research into new areas. At the forefront of the environmental monitoring industry, SensoScientific strives to provide solutions with the highest level of scientific accuracy and dependability. Stressing simplicity, SensoScientific provides users with quick and easy access to their critical environmental data, regardless of geographic location.

Keeping Research Accurate

The accuracy of environmental readings in scientific research is vital to the creation of effective and potentially life-saving products. Failure to control each variable of a particular medical research project will result in false findings. Scientists strive to ensure that environmental conditions remain at pre-determined levels. Depending on factors such as material, specimens, and hypothesis, a particular research project could span months or years, as scientists attempt to gather as much data as possible. SensoScientific’s validated environmental sensors not only automate the logging of these conditions but also provide advanced notifications of out-of-range conditions. Being notified of a departure from optimal environmental conditions protects the investment of time and resources which go into a particular project.

Regulatory Compliance: Solved

Facilities that conduct scientific research are governed by some of the most stringent regulatory requirements. These regulatory agencies stress that research is conducted with both humane and documentable procedures. Specimens and biological materials of any kind are required to receive a high level of care and consideration. With a wide array of environments to measure, including temperature, humidity, and light cycle, SensoScientific’s solutions help researchers to ensure optimal conditions for any and all subjects. Providing researchers with wireless environmental monitoring devices that produce highly accurate readings, SensoScientific helps facilities to exceed the regulatory requirements of agencies such as AALAS and AALAC.

Is It Time?

Consistently accurate environmental readings lead to stronger and more efficient R&D in any industry. As regulations increase in these industries, so does the need to continually monitor environmental conditions. From the cold storage at your local restaurant to the laboratories of the world’s leading research companies, maintaining proper environmental conditions is crucial to protecting the health and safety of the world’s population. The combination of SensoScientific’s in-house A2LA certified calibration lab and state-of-the-art wireless devices help to reduce labor costs and increase compliance with the highest of regulatory standards. Is it time for your organization to take steps toward Automation?

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