SensoScientific Gears up for the NAFEM Show

February 11, 2015

SensoScientific Gears up for the NAFEM Show

Innovation in the Food Industry

Pioneering technology in the medical, life science, and food industries is the name of the game for SensoScientific. As the team gears up to showcase their latest food and safety management system called the HACCP Master® at the NAFEM Show, the excitement is already building. The food industry is evolving, and the SensoScientific team will be on the front lines of that evolution.

Accurate and efficient temperature monitoring will never be the same. The SensoCheck HACCP Manager will have the capability to report, analyze, and store temperature data. The firmware technology present in the HACCP Master® will eliminate the need for any external hardware or dedicated PCs and servers while allowing users to access data from anywhere anytime. In all likelihood, this groundbreaking technology will have the attention of many of the 5,000+ attendees at the NAFEM Show. Paying a visit to the SensoScientific team is a must if you’re interested in taking a peek at the future of the food industry.

The HACCP Master®

As a highlight of the NAFEM Show, the HACCP Master® will be showcasing itself and its various functions, including:

  • Customizable temperature recording system
  • Records of product / location / equipment / process temperatures
  • Immediate pass/fail decisions
  • Document corrective actions for failed readings
  • Insightful and flexible reporting
  • Ergonomic and durable probe
  • Cloud-based management for more reliable record-keeping
  • Easy and intuitive interface for iOS, requiring minimal training
The HACCP Master

Why the NAFEM Show?

The NAFEM Show is a special event that features foodservice equipment and supplies from 500+ manufacturers.

“The beautiful thing about the NAFEM Show is that it’s a rare opportunity to meet a vibrant community of foodservice professionals, and the ability to be at the forefront of the foodservice industry’s innovations,” said SensoScientific Regional Sales Manager Zary Lahouti. “It only comes around once every two years, and if you’re interested in the food industry, it’s just the place to be.”

A wide range of foodservice equipment and supplies will be on display for food prep, cooking, storage, table service, and most importantly, new products with a focus on innovation. The main intention behind the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) putting this event together is to support programs and organizations that can help move the foodservice industry forward. As leaders in the foodservice industry, NAFEM promises to be a display of cutting-edge trends and emerging issues to form a collaborative experience for all things food service.

Don’t Miss Out!

Since 2005, SensoScientific has continued to provide product enhancements and innovations that meet the changing needs of many different markets. While SensoScientific products have already proven themselves in several industries, the NAFEM show will be the opportunity to show how technological innovations can transform and enhance the foodservice industry. Make your reservation to visit SensoScientific here and take a step into the future of the foodservice industry.

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