SensoScientific AABB Annual Meeting

September 22, 2015

Why You Should Know About AABB Annual Meeting 2015

This is where science and medicine come together and pave the way for the future of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. It isn’t just a melting pot of phenomenal people and ideas; this is about enhancing the quality of life. It’s a place where people educate, learn, receive awards and recognition for pioneering work in their field, and an opportunity to see the medical innovations first-hand.

The Innovation

Last year had an incredible roster of talent who received awards for groundbreaking accomplishments. Lily Lin, Ph.D. received the 2014 Dale A. Smith Memorial Award for using Psoralen chemistries for the decontamination of platelet concentrates evolved into the development of methodologies for pathogen inactivation of blood components. In short, she managed to induce crosslinks in pathogens with ultraviolet light, which made the microbes unable to replicate, rendering them non-infectious. Others included Eldad A. Hod, MD whose research studied the inflammatory response of iron overloaded patients to transfusion, Carl H. June, MD for his research in lymphocyte activation and groundbreaking work that have funneled into treatments for HIV and leukemia, and Steven Kleinman, MD for his leadership and programs that led to significant improvements in blood component safety and availability in both the United States and abroad. These are just a few of the types of innovations that one will encounter at the AABB Annual Meeting 2015.

SensoScientific Will Be There

Speaking of keeping blood safe, SensoScientific will be there to showcase some of the latest innovations that will propel the medical field forward, most notably by utilizing groundbreaking wireless systems for temperature monitoring. If you make it to the AABB, expect to see some of the most advanced technologies designed to interface with medical environments, providing a seamless, yet reliable means of temperature monitoring. Be sure to check out SensoScientific at booth #277.

AABB Annual Meeting 2015

Some Highlights to Expect

This year, you can expect some special experiences at the AABB Annual Meeting 2015. The opening session will be a special guest appearance by Dr. Abraham Verghese, who’s known for having a uniquely humanistic view of the future of healthcare, and he’ll be giving a presentation with his unorthodox, charismatic approach. Educational sessions will occur throughout the day, bringing in prominent figures from the healthcare field to present new information and technologies that will make up the future of healthcare.

Mark it!

The AABB Annual Meeting 2015 is steadily approaching. The takes place in Anaheim from October 22nd through October 27th. AABB is providing its attendees with a hotel reservation discounted rate if registration is completed before September 29th, and October 23rd is the last day to register at the general registration rate. There will be about 4,000 professional attendees, 120 educational sessions, and the opportunity to review approximately 700 scientific and administrative abstracts. The exhibit hall will have almost 200 companies showcasing their ideas and concepts for the future.

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