Data Loggers

SensoScientific’s data loggers include compact internal or external temperature sensors for temperature monitoring and recording. Connect to the computer via USB for memory acquisition and configuration or connect wirelessly through it’s NFC (Near Field Communication) interface by using Android smartphones or tablets.


SensoTag® temperature indicators are specifically designed for use in the life science, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. They are ideal for monitoring temperature sensitive vaccines, clinical trial materials, blood, and pharmaceuticals. This product is designed to meet or better the WHO PQS performance specification E06/TR07.2


Compact, with an internal temperature sensor and completely tight against water contact. Memory for up to 32,000 temperature recordings that can be easily transferred to a computer through a USB cable. Powered by a Lithium battery with a typical battery life of 1 year.


With a body totally structured for sealing and protection, it contains an internal temperature sensor and direct USB connection to the computer for configuration and memory acquisition for 32,000 records. Internal battery life lasts for 2 years (not replaceable).


Compact with external temperature sensor, memory capacity of 4000 records. Wireless configuration and data acquisition through its NFC interface (Near Field Communication) by using Android smartphones or tablets. Internal battery life of 400 days (not replaceable).